Thursday, April 10, 2014

Declan has more style than we do

Not much has been going on lately with us. Darren is keeping really busy with school. Only a little while longer and the semester will be over, we can't wait! 
Declan and I are heading to Arizona to visit my family in a week. While I am there it will be our two year anniversary! Two years is a long time but it also feels like we have been married for forever. 
Right before we leave Declan and I have doctor appointments. Then when I get back it will be almost time for the 32 week check up at the hospital for Everly. We are hoping they will be able to give us a better idea of when to expect her to be here. Right now her due date has been bumped up a week. The latest she will be born will be June 29th, right before my birthday!
Other than that all I have to share are a few cute pictures of Declan :)

 Our friends that live upstairs had a baby girl, Elinor. Declan loves her!


Declan got a new wagon and loves going on walks in this nice weather.

 I hope these videos work..

 Declan loves his daddy. Any spare time Darren has he plays with Declan and he loves it.
 Declan doesn't know how to give a good smile on command yet.
 Fish face!

 Walking to church. Such a little man.

 Love that chubby cheek smile :)
Okay last one. 

 So a lot of pictures. Sorry. I just think he is so dang cute!


  1. There are a few pictures and one of the videos that I hadn't seen.. So excited for your visit! Just sad Darren can't come, as well! We will miss him, but it will give him the time to deal with finals!

  2. Declan is pretty awesome. I love seeing these pictures!